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CoEHAR: research and training opportunity in THR

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    Daniela SaittaDaniela Saitta
      The University of Catania, through its Center of Excellence for the acceleration of Harm Reduction, has opened a public selection procedure for the award of n. 4 Research Fellowships at the CoEHAR, for the following research topic: “Living Systematic Reviews: an innovative method for systematic reviews applied to the research on tobacco harm reduction, with particular reference to cardiovascular effects, respiratory effects and weight management”;

      One of the research challenges in tobacco harm reduction field is that many studies are biased by inadequate research designs, selective reporting, and other critical flaws.  Moreover, accelerating rate of publication results in the fact that any systematic review quickly becomes out of date. This project aims at producing critical interpretative systematic reviews and plain language reports of the top quality studies to provide information on the health effects derived from using alternative reduced risk products as a substitution for smoking, especially with regards to cardiovascular effects, respiratory effects and weight management, by incorporating regular surveillance of the literature and annual updates of the reviews. This emergent method, named Living Systematic Review, will provide to regulators, healthcare providers and consumers sound facts and the latest research to inform their decisions about tobacco harm reduction policies and practices.

      The call is open to candidates who are in possession of the following requirements at the deadline date of the submission of applications, which is 9 December 2019

            Master’s degree in Medicine and Surgery, Biological Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Biotechnological Sciences, Pharmacy, Pharmacology, Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies, Biochemistry, or an equivalent qualification.

      The 4 fellows have a total duration of 12 months which need to be spent at the CoEHAR headquarters where they will be trained by prof. Renee O’Leary, one of the main experts in the world in the filed of Living Systematic Review. Two of these fellowships are reserved to graduated from LMIC.

      The call for 4 fellows that will be trained at the CoEHAR under the In Silico Project is online at this link, where you will find the University call also in English.

      All the details are in the call.

      I hope you would consider this opportunity and circulate the call among your network.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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