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A Harm Reduction research project: key steps and action required

Daniela Saitta project management Ispm

We have talked to Daniela Saitta, ISPM project manager, to better understand what being a project manager means, especially in the field of harm reduction

The ISPM 2019 aim was to train young students in the management of project concerning the tobacco harm reduction. But let’s try to go deeper on the actions required to start a project

Daniela, let’s talk about the fundamental elements for a good research project:

We need to start from clear, concise and well defined research hypothesis. Of course, having a clear and structured study design based on valid research methodologies will improve the chances to run a valid proposal.

Plus, the head of the project should structure a well-defined evaluation methodologies for project progress and results measurements and an effectual risk assessment draft”.

Daniela add also to be flexible in terms of workplan and budget to better adapt to the development of the research work.

Daniela, what about a research project specifically on the tobacco harm reduction?

As for every kind of project, you shoulde elaborate on background/state of art. Plus,  be sure to make a need assessment on human resources, equipments, materials, money.

But being involved in a research project means to relate to patners, funders, sponsors and so on. So, try to build your network and don’t forget to brainstorm with all the stakeholders to listen to their needs/advices and draft a first project design.

But above all be sure to have a valid communication strategy”.

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