ISPM 2021 Students

The Scientific Committee of the School has selected the 31 best curricula among more than 140 applications received within the deadline from 41 different countries. The selection has been very hard and competitive, and the School thanks every applicant for the great attention reserved to the ISPM.

Usha Rani

Born and brought up in India. She is a Project Manager with 13 years of work experience in Project Portfolio Management, Operational Project Management and Process Transitions. Expertise in scrum framework and agile methodology.

She worked with USA, UK and Australia clients in IT, Telecom, Accounts Receivables
and HealthCare projects. Studied MBA in Berlin from Berlin School of Business and Innovation, supporting a Green Technology Innovation projects start up in Germany as a volunteer.

Giada Li Calzi

She works as a project manager, expert in funding and programming for health, applied to research, internationalization, development and cohesion.

She worked for several italian public administrations (Ministry, regional ministries, health institutions). Interested in Complexity management ,she holds a degree in Philosophy of language and "Sociology of networks, innovation, information”. As a pro-bono, she works as a director of a Foundation engaged in community empowerment and legality projects for schools.

Nicola Pizzichillo

With a Master of Science in Manufacturing Consultancy obtained at Cranfield University (UK), he is currently working as Project Manager for the delivery of a Diagnostic Railway Vehicle for a U.S. Transit Agency. He is
passionate about Lean and Six Sigma and how to employ them to solve problems and improve processes.

He applied to IPSM to learn more about Agile methodologies and Risk Management and to develop an international network of like-minded professionals.

Andrea Amenta

He is currently working as an IT Project Manager, in an international team for Avery Dennison.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Management Engineering. He speaks fluent Italian, Spanish, English and basic Portuguese and worked in Barcelona and Italy.

He recently came back to Europe after spending two years in Tokyo, Japan.

He recently got his PMP certification to further enhance his PM skills. The second edition of
ISPM will be a chance to develop his skills in a different environment.

Margarita Flores

She comes from Guatemala and thanks to her master studies in renewable energies, she had an opportunity to interact with more than 15 nationalities.

After being a project engineer in two multinational companies, she believes that combining different perspectives in an organized way is the key to overcome the challenges that we face as a globalized society.

She is looking forward to sharing these experiences with the other participants of the ISPM.

Joseph Magero Omoto

He is an avid harm reduction advocate from Kenya.

He is currently the Chairman of Campaign for Safer Alternatives, an International pan-African tobacco harm reduction organization that advocates for safer nicotine products, where he specialized in carrying out all aspects of a project from conception to execution, which has given him an outstanding reputation in the field.

Zubair Malik

He holds Master’s Degree in Gender and L.LB. He has thirteen years of experience in projects
implementation in non-profit organizations in Pakistan.

He has implemented number of projects focused on gender and development, tobacco control, media and human rights with national organizations.

Nadia Angelska

Graduated in International Economic Relations, she won scholarships and fellowship in International and European Law studying in the USA, Belgium, Latvia, Japan.

She has vast experience in implementing
projects funded by European Union, the World Bank, USAID, Open Society and her experience includes program management.

She is keen on joining ISPM, which, due to its unique nature, provides highly skilled Project Managers from all over the world the opportunity to expand their knowledge, learn from each other and grow personally and

Vesara Ardhe Gatera

He is a junior lecturer and researcher in the Faculty of Health, Department of Pharmacy at the Singaperbangsa University with specializing in Clinical Pharmacy, Biochemistry, and Health Outcomes. He currently work to develop the role of vitamin D in respiratory systems and children Health. Vesara is currently finishing her PhD in Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy Department at Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia.

Maria Paula Oshio Mariano

She is an Engineer from Brazil with a few years of experience in engineering project management.

She recently completed her Master’s Degree in Administration and Economics in Spain, which has highlighted the research approach.

She is excited to be part of ISPM 2020,a course that provides a dynamic program in an international environment. She believes ISPM will be a complement to her studies in the Agile and Scrum methodologies.

Olatunji Uche

An entrepreneur and Project Manager of THRNIGERIA – a consumer and advocacy group for tobacco harm reduction aimed at bringing awareness on nicotine and safer alternative uses through unbiased scientific

With years of experience in Customer Service Management in Banking and Telecommunication, he has been able to manage projects and human resources and he is passionate about community development.

He believes ISPM course will help further his career in THR field, helping him reaching a larger audience and working both home and overseas.

Hubert Put

He soon will be graduated from InnoEnergy Masters School.

He always had an interest in PM and he was
part of the Erasmus Student Network, having led the project called “International Jobs in Poland”. He currently facilitates workshops on the matter of PM.

He loves sports, reading books about personal
development and learning foreign languages.

Maciej Sobczyk

AGH University of Science and Technology alumnus (Master of Engineering) with major in environmental technologies and inclination to manage thrifty projects within his area of education.

Currently he is working as a Project Assistant that performs various analyses of European market concerning heat pumps, energy
storage systems and EV’s infrastructure.

PRINCE2® Foundation and PRINCE2® Practitioner and Lean Management® certified holder but still eager to learn new insights regarding managing projects with positive
economical, social and environmental impact.

Silvia Boffo

She is a molecular cancer biologist with many years of research experience working within the Life Sciences sector in academic laboratories and in the biotechnology start-up industry, both in Italy and USA.

She has a PhD in Pharmacological Science from the University of Padua (Italy) and a master in Bio-innovation from Temple University (Philadelphia, PA), and she is currently working at the SHRO, with a team of world-class
professionals that drives implementation of biodiscoveries.

Alba Corina Romeo

Graduated in biological science, she has recently completed a Master’s Degree in Clinical Health Research.

Starting her career as assistant biologist, she worked for a few years as product specialist in pharmaceutical companies.

Today, after four experience in the field of clinical trials, she is Clinical Research Coordinator at I.R.C.C.S. Oasi Maria SS, a research institute for mental retardation and brain aging in Troina (Italy).

wants to join the second edition of ISPM to improve her skills in strategy implementation, managing risks and monitoring project progress.

Maria Ahmed Qureshi

She is a medical doctor with further specialization in public health and health management from Australia.

She has extensive experience in leading and managing public health-related projects in various donor-based programs.

An alumnus of Jhon Hopkins Leadership program (USA), she believes that the ISPM CoEHAR Summer School will be a great opportunity to learn new skills and network with people who are passionate about
Project Management.

Viktoria Kostova

Her experience with project management in her home country Bulgaria is built in through the NGO sector with working for festivals devoted to independent theater and contemporary dance.

Another big part of her practice is the management of projects for alternative educational facilities where she would like to develop the most.

In her background, there is just a tiny bit of practice working with projects in a corporative
environment through the PMI methodology.

Bonifacio Monti

MD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology, he obtained a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Bioorganic Curriculum) at University of Perugia.

In the last few months, he has been enrolled as Scientific Project Manager for a Company that uses natural molecular complexes for therapeutic innovation.

He applied for ISPM to improve his knowledge on Project management, especially in the field of harm reduction on human health.

Vincent Makwiti

He has a diploma in Nursing and Midwifery and also a Bachers Degree in Public Health.

He has worked as a nurse for 2 year before working as a Project Manager for over 4 year and currently he is working as project
Manager with Catholic Health Commission.

Nwaka Mwambene

He is a Malawian Development Worker with 12 years’ experience working for 7 reputable International nongovernmental organizations His area of expertise is Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Accountability.

He has also worked in the field of health Research while working for Canadian Medical Nongovernmental Organization “Dignitas International” for a period of 4 years.

He holds an undergraduate qualification in
Business Administration obtained from the University of Malawi-The Polytechnic.

Alaa Ben Abdallah

A third-year student in (IBT) International Business & Trade at the (ALU) African Leadership University Rwanda.

Driven by curiosity, continuous learning and her love for exploring the world, she is currently
involved in a special research on the circular economy within the IBT department at ALU. She relishes being active on campus; organizing events and workshops and relating to people is part of her daily life in school, internship and extracurricular activities.

Husam Rajab

He is a communication and electrical engineer with a passion for technology. He is originally from Palestine and he holds an M.Sc. in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Beijing University of Posts and
Telecommunication, China.

Husam is currently completing a PhD in Communications Engineering and
Informatics at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, with research, focus on the Internet of Things and 5G technologies. He is a local representative for the European Institute of Innovation and
Technology in Hungary and won the first prize of the innovation day competition of EIT Health in Hungary in October 2019.

Moreover, Husam is a Project Manager in the Global Institute for Lifelong Empowerment
(GiLE) is a Budapest-based foundation. He is spirited, driven, ambitious and creative, with a real thrill for change and an irrefutable passion for travel.

Walid Ihadjadjen

Project Executive with Iyilik Denizi Foundation (Sea of Goodness) based in Turkey and Program Development Advisor (Remotely) with the European Academy of Diplomacy in Poland.

With a broad knowledge of business development, marketing, communication, sales, staff training, and project coordination coupled with complementary skills obtained throughout his educational and professional background.

Vanessa Susana Gonçalves da Cunha

She holds a Master of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering from NOVA University of Lisbon. She is a PhD candidate in Biomedical Engineering from the MIT Portugal Program.

During 2017 and 2018, she was a
visiting student at MIT. In 2018, she co-founded Loro.

She managed Loro’s business strategy, funding opportunities, partnerships, and overseas relations.

Loro awarded concept was focused on a person with physical disabilities can’t interact with the world the same way as the able, but there’s no reason we can’t use tech to close that gap.

Clara Vieira

She is graduated in Electrical and computer Engineering, with a specialization in Systems and Industry Planning.

She worked for 8 years as a developer of LED light products, for industry and public illumination sector. As a product manager she worked on technical and marketing solutions, and she was part of projects in Portugal, Brazil and Angola.

She has always been interest in management and thinks that ISPM will be a great opportunity, that can help her improve management skills, interaction qualities and networking with people from different backgrounds.

Ankit Parolia

He is a Project manager and has been successfully delivering projects for the Fortune 500 clients and his project portfolio ranges into various industries like Management Consulting, BFS, Digital platforms, Oil and Gas, Airlines and Travel, Telecom, Small and medium business.

He loves networking and possesses a strong global network. He did his International MBA in General Management from NEOMA Business School, Paris and Innovation Management Program at Imperial College, London.

During his MBA, he co-founded EYWA consulting, a Management consulting firm, gaining Entrepreneurial mindset.

He believes with ISPM 2020, he will further expand his network and enhance knowledge on clinical projects.

Anela Plescan

Senior Expert in European studies and evaluation and outstanding performer in Project Management with strong background in regional policies.

Proven success in leadership, operational excellence and organizational development with keen understanding of elements of business development.

Enthusiastic Project Manager eager to contribute to team success through hard work, attention to detail and excellent organizational skills.

Clear understanding of project objectives and indicators and training in project management.

Kishore Kumar Subramanian

He holds Master’s Degree in Pharmacy. He has over 6.5 years professional pharmaceutical experience in Formulation research, product, and process development of simple to complex dosage forms starts from preliminary evaluation and project initiation till their submission with regulatory agencies and pre- and post-approval support.

He has expertise in oral solid dosage (OSD) forms like tablets dosage DR, ER & IR, capsules & pellets (FBP process), PFOS, Liquid Orals solution and suspension.

More bio’s are coming…

A Word

From Our Coordinator

Big changes lead to big projects. COVID has taught us that research needs new guidelines. In the coming months, project management experts in the clinical field will have a great job to do and their role will be crucial around the world. Skills in work planning, budgeting, deadline management, collaboration with multidisciplinary teams, awareness of strengths and weaknesses, are all challenges that a project manager must face. The new edition of ISPM will provide you with all the useful tools for the challenge of the future.

– Daniela Saitta

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