About us

The Center of Excellence for the acceleration of HArm Reduction (CoEHAR) and its partners can count on the experience of highly-skilled and very motivated project managers that has been working in the tobacco research field for years, and want now to share their knowledge to train other professionals in the creation and management of projects (from the proposal writing to the delivery of reports), with a specific focus on health and social care settings.

Our mission

The International summer School on Project Management (ISPM) aims at training young graduates/professionals on the best practices about leading project management methods, combining a theoretical background with a practical approach. Students will also have the opportunity to work in a team in simulation activities of proposal building and project management.

Thanks to the ISPM, students will experience different factors that determine the successful completion of a project. Young project managers will be able to face the challenges of a particular sector such as the project management, which is highly requested, extremely versatile and requires great adaptability and organizational skills.


Why Learn With Us?

In a changing world, competitivity can be measured on the ability to manage resources of different disciplines, capabilities and organizational units. In this framework, project management is becoming more frequently important to execute projects in a controlled way achieving all the expected results. Ability in work planning, budgeting, deadlines management, working with multi-disciplinary teams, the awareness of personal strengths and weaknesses, are all challenges that a project manager needs to deal with.


Specifically addressed to clinical research



Hold in one of the most beautiful seaside resort in Sicily


Totally free

No costs for the participant in the first edition 


World Class Educators

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