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ISPM 2019

ISPM 2019

How can a project manager, together with his/her project team, prepare successful project proposals and achieve the project outputs and outcomes facing also any eventual obstacles? The ISPM aims at giving an in-depth overview of the project management, what it does mean and what are the key steps and procedures of a good project management process.

What will you learn

From the planning to the closure

The ISPM participants will learn the main project management methodologies and key elements, through theory lessons and practical working sessions and project simulations. In this dynamic course program, students will experience the different factors that determine the success of a project. The topics treated during the ISPM will follow all the steps related to the activity of project managers, from the planning, to the management and closure of a project:

Organizers & Partners


who is our typical student

Target Group

The International Summer School on Project Management will be open to 15 young professionals/postgraduates in all fields. Following criteria will be considered optional but well accepted to access the school:

Free Patronage

Course Objectives & Outcomes


Learn the best methodologies to create and manage projects.


Acquire the skills and competencies of a good project manager: leadership, team working, and problem solving.


Explore all the different phases of the project life cycle, from the proposal preparation to the final reports.


Recognize a good project: how to evaluate excellence, innovation and feasibility.

Health Focused

Focus on health research: rationale, study design, methodologies and outcomes.


Deepen teamwork dynamics, especially those related to the coordination of a work team in a multinational context.

Course Offering

Free access

The 1st edition of the International Summer School on Project Management will be free for 15 young professionals or postgraduates selected in all fields.

Total coverage

The School will cover all costs for travel, lodging, meals and other activites for the selected students

Job opportunities

Possibility to establish collaboration/working relationships with the best students of ISPM