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The lesson will be available on 8th October to the students and speakers of the school at 2pm CEST on the Zoom platform  

Following the success of the first edition, the ISPM International Summer School on Project Management, the first school in the world with a specific focus on anti-smoking research, is ready to be launched. Due the pandemic of Covid-19, the edition has been postponed to March 2021 but inaugural lesson will be online on 8 October only to the students, speakers and institutional partners.

The students will have the possibility to introduce themselves, so as to immediately recreate the atmosphere of sharing and collaboration that is the driving force of the School.

During the event, two former school students, Hesham Nasr and Marta Mangione, will provide a powerful insight on their experience: thanks to the school,  they have been involved in some CoEHAR projects and became project manager with an expertise in the field of tobacco harm reduction.

This inaugural lesson will proceed according to the following schedule.

Program of the webinar


  • Vania Patanè, Pro-Rector of the University of Catania
  • Francesca Longo, Delegate of Internationalisation, University of Catania
  • Giovanni Li Volti, CoEHAR Director
  • Daniela Saitta, ISPM Coordinator 
  • Riccardo Polosa, CoEHAR Founder
  • Francesco Purrello, Director of the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine
  • Derek Yach, President of the Foundation for a Smoke Free Word 

Testimonials by ISPM 2019

  • Hesham Nasr and Marta Mangione (Project Managers at Eclat)

ISPM program 

  • Giacomo Franco (PMI- SIC, Project Management Institute Southern Italy Chapter)
  • Edoardo Grimaldi (PMI- SIC, Project Management Institute Southern Italy Chapter)
  • Paolo Fidelbo (PMI- SIC, Project Management Institute Southern Italy Chapter)
  • Rosario Faraci (Full Professor at the University of Catania)
  • Lorenzo Vetrano (Agile Coach, Bax Energy)
  • Denise Stevens (President and founder of Matrix Population Health Strategies)
  • Axel Klein (Research Fellow, Global Drug Policy Observatory)

Presentation of the ISPM students

Usha Rani (India), Giada Li Calzi (Italy), Nicola Pizzichillo (Italy), Ankit Parolia (India), Andrea Amenta (Italy), Margarita Flores (Guatemala), Joseph Magero Omoto (Kenya), Zubair Malik (Pakistan), Kishore Kumar Subramanian (India), Anela Plescan (Romania), Manpreet Kaur (India), Nadia Angelska (Bulgaria), Vesara Ardhe Gatera (Indonesia), Maria Paula Oshio Mariano (Brazil), Olatunji Uche (Nigeria), Hubert Put (Poland), Maciej Sobczyk (Poland), Silvia Boffo (USA), Alba Corina Romeo (El Salvador), Maria Ahmed Qureshi (Pakistan), Viktoria Kostova (Bulgaria), Bonifacio Monti (Italy), Vincent Makwiti (Malawi), Nwaka Mwambene (Malawi), Alaa Ben Abdallah (Tunisia), Husam Rajab (Palestine), Walid Ihadjadjen (Algeria), Slobodanka Kostic (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Vanessa Susana Gonçalves da Cunha (Portugal), Clara Vieira (Portugal)

The ISPM is the first project management school in the world with a specific focus on anti-smoking research, organized in a joint initiative by ECLAT, a spin-off of the University of Catania, and by the CoEHAR – Center of Excellence for the acceleration of Harm Reduction, with the free patronage of the University of Catania, and of the PMI-SIC, southern Italy section of the Project Management Institute, the most important association of Project Managers worldwide, founded in 1969 in Philadelphia (USA), with around 600,000 members.

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