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ISPM 2021: why attending the school for project managers?

The edition of ISPM 2020 has been postponed to 2021, due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To keep the students’ motivation high and to give them the chance to meet some of the speakers of the 2021 edition, ISPM held an inaugural lesson online on October 8, 2020. During the event, the speakers involved provided an interesting view on some of the topics that will be the covered during next edition. 

The inaugural lesson has been also the place where to formally present the ISPM community, an online tool that speakers and students can use to share news and opinion on project management and post job offers.

After the lesson, the ISPM staff provided the student with a questionnaire to understand how they discovered about the school and how they perceived the first lesson.

Students reported that they came to know about the school thanks to social media and other students’ or speakers’ experience.

The possibility to interact with people from all over the world on PM topics, the chance to network with other professionals were deeply appreciated by the attendees of the school.

To the question “why attending ISPM”, students underlined the positive collaboration with the Project Management Institute, the opportunity to develop professional skills in project management thanks to the knowledge of international renewed speakers, and the possibility to work with people from other countries.

The strength of ISPM is the chance to share ideas, competence, knowledge and the opportunity to be part of a solid network of young professionals who can support each others’ activities once the school is over.

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