The first ISPM webinar showed the strength of a growing global network of project managers

May 8, 2020

On Wednesday, the School for Project Management promoted by the COEHAR, the ISPM, held its very first webinar, which gained the interest of professionals from all the 5 continents.

Despite the time we are experiencing, the first totally free webinar has received many adhesions. Strengthened by the support of the community created with the first edition of the school, Daniela Saitta, ISPM Project Coordinator, moderated over one hour of the meeting entitled “A Paradigm Shift in Management: The Scrum framework for contingencies”

This webinar has been realized thanks to the participation of Lorenzo Vetrano, speaker of the first edition and Agile Coach who provided an interesting and engaging insight on the Scrum framework, thanks to his long experience in the field.

“I’m glad and enthusiast: people from all the 5 continents decided to join the webinar despite the situation we are living. This is a sign of the international appeal that the ISPM has gained from its very beginning”. Daniela Saitta

ISPM passed the test with flying colours and this allows to hypothesize a development of similar activities in the future, keeping the global network of young professionals active and up to date.

The webinar also lays the groundwork for the second edition of the school: the call for applications will be available on the ISPM website in June. (

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